Visit the Location. Remember that this is likely still a confidential situation in that few if any employees may know about the owner’s desire to sell the business. If the buyer needs to see the business “in action” or during normal business hours that is a reasonable request, but arrangements need to be made by the broker.


The final area is the review of the details of the business or due diligence. This not only includes a review of books and records, but other information as well. The M&A Advisor can assist in providing this information, but remember the M&A Advisor represents the seller and these are the seller’s representations so it is up to the buyer to make sure that the information is satisfactory. Simultaneous with due diligence, the parties are negotiating the details in the Purchase and Sale Agreement. The negotiation of the Purchase and Sale Agreement is typically handled directly by the lawyers with other parties contributing. The more specific the terms are in the final LOI, which precedes formal due diligence and the preparation of the Purchase and Sale Agreement, the easier it will be to finalize the provisions of the Purchase and Sale.

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