Your evaluation and comfort with your M&A Advisor goes a long way to the success of your transaction. Meet with your potential advisor and understand his/her qualifications and capability to meet your needs.

Jack Cox


  • What is the educational background of the professional?
  • Does the professional have a financial certification? Is he/she familiar with tax issues?
  • Is he/she primarily a real estate broker who happens to sell businesses?
  • Is he/she affiliated with relevant organizations?
  • What is his/her experience in key aspects of a buy/sell transaction?
  • Is he/she comfortable and capable dealing with the multiple parties necessary to complete the transaction (lawyers, accountants, closing agents, etc.)?
  • Has he/she ever evaluated and negotiated fine details in complex documents such as Purchase Agreements, Leases, Term Sheets, etc.?

Pricing of the Business

  • Can he/she explain the pricing of the business from multiple perspectives (comparables, income approach)?
  • Is he/she comfortable explaining the pricing so that the buyer can understand the rationale behind the pricing?


  • What steps will the advisor take to ensure confidentiality of your business?
  • What is the buyer qualification process?


  • Have he/she review the marketing plan for the business.
  • How often will you be updated on progress?
  • How long does he/she think it will take to sell the business?


  • Is there an up front fee and if so, what is it used for?
  • Does the broker charge for other costs, such as travel and advertising?


  • Selling a business can have some level of stress.  Is he/she someone you can get along with?
  • Is he/she involved in civic activities in the community? If he/she is active in looking after the interest of others he/she is likely to look after your best interests as well?

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