Protecting Your Identity.

Knowing that a business is up for sale can interfere with day-to-day operations and may even affect profits. A professional M&A Advisor will market your business anonymously to potential buyers using a blind teaser to ensure your interests are protected until negotiations are advanced. As the process moves forward, the broker will obtain a Non – Disclosure Agreement (NDA), from serious buyers who need to perform a more in depth analysis and due diligence of the business.

Keep Your Business Operating Smoothly

Selling a business takes a considerable amount of time and skill. When you entrust the selling process to an M&A Advisor, you can continue to devote yourself to your business, leaving your advisor to undertake the marketing and negotiations that are needed to secure a sale.

Marketing to the Right Buyers

We know how to reach the buyers that are interested in your business and have the right sort of financial profile to be serious contenders.

Attractive Advertising

Professional M&A Advisors know what buyers are looking for. They can make sure your business gets noticed for the right reasons, emphasizing the positive benefits of what you have to offer.

Dealing with Potential Buyers

Your business is likely to attract interest from many kinds of buyers, some are serious and some less so. Your M&A Advisor should be able to sift through various “interested parties” and help find legitimate buyers.

Making Sure Your Business is Selling at the Right Price

Every seller understandably wants to get the very best price that they can for their business. We use several valuation approaches to determine the best estimate of the Most Probable Selling Price for the business. Ultimately, the buyers determine what the market will pay and we work to attract a number of number of buyers, maximizing the chances of ending up with a good price.

Balance of Experience

In dealing with buyers, many of them have acquired multiple businesses while sellers may have only one sale in their business career. An experienced M&A broker can level the playing field for a business owner making his one and only business sale.

Fast, Competent Closure

Because their job is to sell your business for the best price, a professional M&A Advisor uses all their skills to complete the sale as fast as possible. This helps to keep business momentum going and helps to facilitate a smooth transfer of ownership.