What are the key steps to a successful business or franchise search process?

By Jack Cox May 5, 2017

Whether you are buying a business or investing in a franchise here are some things to consider preparing as part of the process: A self assessment: Ask yourself why you want to buy a business. What types of work activities do you like and what kind of lifestyle do you want to pursue? It’s importan...

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What are common business sales myths?

By Jack Cox March 3, 2017

The typical business owner will sell only one business.  Understanding the complex process involved will help produce the best results, but don’t fall prey to the myths that can derail or seriously affect a potential sale. Myth #1 – It’s Like Selling a House Selling a company is more ...

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How can I maximize the fair market value of my business’ intangible assets?

By Jack Cox January 2, 2017

An in depth review of your key Indicators of Value and our Business Readiness Review can help you assess the things you need to do to help maximize your business sale....

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What are the benefits of using a broker to sell my business?

By Jack Cox October 4, 2016

Confidentiality. A business broker will use his/her best efforts to protect the identity of the company using a blind profile – with targeted potential buyers describing the company without revealing its identity.  As the process moves forward, the broker will obtain a Confidentiality / Non ...

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